From the President – March 2016

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It’s tough to imagine, but the Spring season is nearly here, as are all of the changes the season brings. We cast off the cold of winter, enjoy longer days with more sunshine, and witness the rebirth of our natural surroundings. As I reflect on this growth, I realize that there is a lot of growth happening at SSN on behalf of our advisors and I’d like to share just three of those changes. First, there is the growth of the associates at SSN working hard each day to provide our advisor family the support they need to succeed for their investors. We have numerous associates that have recently obtained, or are seeking to obtain, industry licenses. Various associates have attended industry, product or job-specific conferences. And many associates have been travelling to our advisors’ offices, so they may obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what happens on a daily basis with each of our advisors. There have been associates who have left the firm, but we hope to fill those positions and get those new associates up to speed quickly. In fact, I’ve recently approved additional positions to help with our training, recruiting, marketing and compliance efforts, not just internally, but on behalf of our advisors. All this growth is occurring with a focus on providing better, faster, deeper, more accurate support to advisors.

Second, our relationship with Ladenburg Thalmann continues to present new opportunities for growth. Ladenburg continually evaluates product sponsors to bring better-than-market pricing to our advisors. You can see the strength of these partnerships in action within our new Encompass Wrap advisory program. That program includes a ticket-charge rebate for qualifying trades for any of our new Ladenburg Strategic partner funds (click here to learn more). The same benefits can be enjoyed for strategic VA partners, and Ladenburg is in the process of reviewing TAMPs and strategists as well. Those new relationships should be established this year, with the benefits appearing next year.

Third, we continue to enhance the FOCALweb platform with new features, functions and information. I’m surprised to hear that not many of our advisors realize the depth of information available on FOCALweb. As previously stated, SSN will hire a trainer to ensure that the money invested in FOCALweb manifests itself as benefits to our advisors. This position will be especially important with the bold new features we plan on enabling later this year; a new account opening experience, an advisor dashboard with analytics, and account aggregation to mention a few. We’re very proud of the growth this platform has experienced over a short period of time.

These are just three examples of growth at SSN. I can only image the hundreds of growth plans currently in place within our advisor family. To that end, if there are any ways we can help you establish, plan or execute those plans, please let us know. We acknowledge daily that SSN only grows when our advisors succeed, and we are totally committed to that growth.

Have a great Spring, and please be on the lookout for announcements regarding Discover 2016 at Amelia Island Florida which will be distributed in the next few weeks. I’d love to see you there.

Wade Wilkinson
President, CEO

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