SSN’s flagship advisory program enables the efficient and effective management of advisory business through concierge service, comprehensive tools, and integrated technology solutions.  Encompass is available on both NFS and Pershing platforms and provides a simplified pricing structure, robust investment platform, and the technology to perform all advisory functions with a few clicks of the mouse – whether you manage one hundred client accounts or one thousand.

  • Rep as Manager – You construct, manage, and monitor your own custom portfolios using various instruments, including over 4000 NTF funds.  You can also utilize various pre-defined models from top-rated analysts:
    • Bring your advisory service to the next level with Encompass
    • Save hours of time utilizing efficient trading and rebalancing tools
    • Save thousands of dollars by reducing trade input and calculation errors
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) – The advisor can take full advantage of the expertise of dedicated institutional money managers in a focused SMA:
    • Place whole client segments into a time saving third-party strategy
    • Utilize a fixed income expert for clients’ portfolios as a satellite strategy
    • Eliminate the stress and time consuming nature of managing assets by turning over your whole book if you choose
    • Focus on asset gathering strategies, not asset management
  • Coming Soon:  Unified Managed Accounts (UMAs) – The combination of everything described above, UMAs truly bring a level of simplified sophistication to advisory business that few will fail to appreciate:
    • Managed in “sleeves” or sections, the advisor can offer several money managers (including a sleeve of their own) for their clients
    • SSN overlay management will monitor for and eliminate contradicting strategy signals for you
    • Encompass UMAs are the full package deal for an advisor’s top clients


To learn more call 800-264-5499 ext. 272 or email Greg. Kalosieh@ssnetwork.com.