Competitive Products

At SSN, we have found that highly independent advisors tend to provide a wide array of products and services to their clients.  And with the growth of the ensemble practice, where several professionals are working together to solve disparate challenges faced by the investing public, it is crucial that your independent advisory and brokerage firm supports all facets of financial planning.

Mary Yoder

Several years ago, our reps told us that researching old VA contracts and comparing our current list of over 100 VAs was time-consuming and overwhelming.  We answered their call with the Morningstar Annuity Intelligence tool.  SSN offers Annuity Intelligence as a free service to our reps.

The Value of Independence

Whether you manage individual client portfolios, create models of your own, or rely on third parties for money management, SSN’s advisory support will provide all the tools you need for your fee-based practice – from our flagship Encompass platform to a la carte fund choices available on NFS or Pershing.

Never has asset diversity been more popular or more important.  Our experienced Due Diligence Team makes sure that you have access to less traditional investments, such as REITS and BDCs.

With 10 Million baby boomers retiring, the need for annuities is almost inevitable.  These products serve a variety of roles in providing comfort to retirees and pre-retirees, alike.  Some reduce market risk during accumulation while others insure income when distribution begins.  SSN supports nearly all types of annuity contracts, and we provide the support you need to choose the “right” one for your client.

With access to the research arm of Ladenburg Thalmann’s investment bank and asset managers, SSN reps can be fully informed to support the inclusion of individual stocks within client portfolios.

The professionals on the SSN Trading Desk not only answer your questions and place your trades, they proactively communicate fixed income opportunities as they arise.  Treasuries, Municipals, Corporate Debt, Structured CDs are all available on the Fixed Income Suite within FOCALweb, our advisor portal.

We believe that insurance plays an undeniably important role in planning for clients’ financial security.  We also believe that you should be able to remain focused on relationships, not spend your time vetting carriers, taking applications, or managing the underwriting process.  Check out the support provided by our unique partnership with a strong Insurance Marketing Organization.

Mutual Funds, ETFs, UITs…all are available on our brokerage platform with the clearing firm of your choice (National Financial or Pershing) and the information you need to evaluate and select those products is only a click away from the FOCALweb workspace.

A number of SSN reps have extensive expertise and successful practices dedicated to managing ERISA plans; a number of others stumble across the occasional request to help a business owner with a smaller group or solo 401(k) plan.  All need a back office who speaks the language of Retirement Plans.  In partnership with Pension Resource Institute (PRI), SSN’s Advisor Resource Center translates this complex niche of the market into understandable and actionable plans to help you leverage the opportunity.